Women Development and Child Welfare | Krishna District, Government of Andhra Pradesh (2022)


The Dist. Women and Child Development Agency are working in the District under the Chairmanship of the District Collector for the Welfare and Development of Women and Children through various Programmes, Schemes and Institutions.

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Organogram :

Women Development and Child Welfare | Krishna District, Government of Andhra Pradesh (1)

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Programmes and Activities of the Department :


Integrated Child Dev. Services: District is covered with 21 ICDS Projects with 3812 Anganwadi Centres.The main goals of the ICDS are :

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  • To reduce IMR, CMR and MMR.
  • To reduce malnutrition among 0 – 5 yrs children.
  • To enhance the capacity of the mother in taking care of children Health and Nutrition.
  • To lay the proper foundation through Pre-school for all-round Development of children in the age group of 3 – 6 years.

To reach these goals various services are provided to the Beneficiaries through the Anganwadi centres All the AWCs functions from 9 AM to 4 PM on all working days.

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  • Uniform food model is followed for 3 – 6 yrs pre-school children i.e. midday meal under the local food model.
  • Pregnant and Lactating mothers are provided hot cooked meal daily in Anganwadi Centres along with egg, milk and IFA tables in Amrutha Hastham Programme in all ICDS Projects of Krishna. Balamrutham was given for 6m to 3y Children every month. 2nd NHD- Immunization, Anti Natal Checkups and counselling.


  • Pre-School or early Childhood education is provided to 3 – 6 yrs children in the Anganwadi Centers. A very good curriculum which is prepared by the Department and District Collector and Magistrate, by State Resource centre for PSE, AMS, OU, Hyderabad is followed and the education department with fixed time table and these AWCs are provided with Pre-School kit material. Immunization, Health Checkups and referral services are provided through convergence with the health department.


Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP) :

  • To provide hot cooked meal on the lines of mid-day meal for 3 – 6 years children (spot feeding) with Rice, Dhall with greenly leaves, Sambar with vegetables. Take Home Ration for 6-3 years children with Balamrutham.

Anna Amrutha Hastam (One full meal programme to Pregnant & Lactating women)

  • In this programme Pregnant and Lactating women are provided 1 full meal, 200 ml milk and egg it is implemented 21 Projects in the District.
  • All the AWCs functions from 9 M to 4 PM on all working days.

Gorumuddalu :

  • Under Gorumuddalu Scheme the Supervisory feeding programme was given to the SUW, SAM & MAM Children in all ICDS Projects for 180 days with special care in this programme one egg per day, 100ml milk and one extra mini meal was given to the children.

Bala Sanjeevani :

  • Under this scheme, provide nutritious and iron rich food to pregnant women, mothers and the children below 6 years of age.
    The primary objective is to reduce pregnant women and children mortality rate and to eradicate Anaemia.



  • 4 Children Homes are functioning in Krishna District .
  • Female Children in the age group of 6 to15 years Orphan/Semi Orphan and below poverty line children are provided Shelter with Boarding, Clothing and Medical Care.


  • One Working Women’s Hostel is working at Vijayawada with sanctioned strength of 60. Those who are getting Rs. 5000/- or less than Rs. 5000/- per month and students who are undergoing trainings in different trades are eligible for admission.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT, 2005 and One Stop Centre :

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted to protect women from Domestic Violence It was brought into force by the Indian Government from 26 October 2006. The Act provides for the first time in Indian law a definition of “domestic violence”, with this definition being broad and including not only physical violence, but also other forms of violence such as emotional/verbal, sexual, and economic abuse. It is a civil law meant primarily for Protection Orders and not meant to penalize criminally.

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One Stop Centre :

OSC provides Medical assistance, Legal aid, Facilitation in dealing with the police, Psycho-Social Counseling and temporary shelter under one roof to the aggrieved women facing any kind of violence due to the attempted sexual harassment, Sexual assault, Domestic violence, trafficking, honor related crimes, acid attacks or witch hunting.

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Activities taken up by the Integrated Child Protection Unit in Krishna Atrocities

ICPS Sponsorship :

  • Sponsorship will offer Supplementary financial Support to families to meet the Education , Medical, Nutritional and other needs of children with a view to Improving the quality of their lives.


  • Krishna District has 2 SAAs 1in Machilipatnam and the second one is in Buddhavaram. 150 children were given adoption in Krishna District till date.

Adoption :

  • As per CARA Guidelines and Adoption Regulations Act 2017 given Children to the Parents .

Rescue and Rehabilitation :

  • Identification vulnerable children and provide shelter in Child Care Institutions (CCIs).
  • Awareness/sensitization and capacity Building.
  • Conducting awareness progress and training.

One Stop Centre :

One Stop Centres (OSC) are intended to support women affected by violence, in private and public spaces, within the family, community and at the workplace. Women facing physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and economic abuse, irrespective of age, class, caste, education status, marital status, race and culture will be facilitated with support and redressal. Aggrieved women facing any kind of violence due to attempted sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, trafficking, honour related crimes, acid attacks or witch-hunting who have reached out or been referred to the OSC will be provided with specialized services.

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POSHAN Abhiyaan (National Nutrition Mission – NNM):

POSHAN Abhiyaan (NNM) set up by Government on November, 2017 aims to reduce the level of stunting, under-nutrition, anemia and low birth weight babies. The important components of the Abhiyaan are: ensuring convergence with various programmes; incentivizing States/ UTs for achieving goals; IT enabled Real Time Monitoring (ICT-RTM); Evaluation; weighing efficiency and making nutrition visible; Community mobilization awareness advocacy; IEC, Jan Andolan – to educate the people on nutritional aspects, on-line Course on Nutrition for Children, Nutrition message from folk songs and songs on WASH, sending messages on nutrition and also creating ring-tones, Yoga for children at AWCs; strengthening human resource; measuring height and length of children below 6 years of age.
Under POSHAN Abhiyaan, the Government has fixed targets to reduce stunting, under-nutrition, anemia (among young children, women and adolescent girls) and reduce low birth weight by 2%, 2%, 3% and 2% per annum respectively. Mission also strives to achieve reduction in Stunting from 38.4% (NFHS-4) to 25% by 2022 (Mission 25 by 2022).
Monitoring is done under POSHAN Abhiyaan through ICDS-CAS aimed to augment system strengthening including improving the coverage and quality of nutrition services. The ICDS-CAS has two components, namely the mobile application which is made available to the field functionaries pre-loaded on mobile phones and a six tier monitoring dashboard for desktops. The software allows the capture of data from the field on electronic devices (mobile/tablet). It enables collection of information on ICDS service delivery and its impact on nutrition outcomes in beneficiaries on a regular basis. The ICDS-CAS dashboard facilitates Nutrition outcome oriented monitoring triggered by mapping of weighment efficiency, height and nutrition status of children under-five years. The service delivery to children, pregnant women and lactating mothers can be monitored through the software application dashboard.
Capacity enhancement of frontline functionaries is being done through Incremental Learning Approach (ILA). Joint planning, implementation, and review of performance with health functionaries and continued knowledge and learning exchange through workshops and exposure visits to best practices are a part of this approach. A total of 21 ILA modules have been developed and disseminated to all States/ UTs and are also available on Ministry’s website https://wcd.nic.in

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Who is the Woman and Child Welfare Minister of Andhra Pradesh? ›

Minister for Women and Child Welfare Usha Sricharan paid a visit to all the facilities and shelter homes run by her department in the city on Friday.

What is Women and Child Welfare Programme? ›

The Scheme envisages providing shelter, food, clothing and health as well as economic and social security for the women victims of difficult circumstances which includes widows, destitute women and aged women. The total women benefitted under SwadharGreh scheme during 2016-17 is 16,530 and during 2017-18 is 17,291.

Who is the Minister of Women and Child Welfare of Telangana? ›

The Zonal Meeting on '8 Years' Achievements – Impact on Women and Children' was inaugurated in the city by the Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smt Smriti Irani. The Minister for Tribal Welfare, Women and Child Welfare of Telangana, Smt Satyavati Rathod was also present in the review meeting.

Who is the head of Krishna district? ›

At present Sri P. Raja Babu, IAS is holding the post of CEO, SERP, Sri P. Ramachandra Reddy is the Hon'ble Minister for SERP.

What is the full form ICDS? ›

Launched on 2nd October, 1975, the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme is one of the flagship programmes of the Government of India and represents one of the world's largest and unique programmes for early childhood care and development.

How many ministers are there in AP list? ›

Along with the chief minister, there are 5 deputy chief ministers and 20 Cabinet Ministers.

What is women's welfare Organisation? ›

Women Welfare Organization (WWO) is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization which was founded by a group of female volunteers. Female from various spheres of life such as education, health and women activism are the members of Board. WWO was registered under Social Welfare Ordinance of 1961 in January 2007.

How many ICDS projects are there in Telangana? ›

Welcome to our Website
No of ICDS Projects - 149
Total AWCs
4 more rows

Who is the social welfare minister in Telangana? ›


Who is the finance minister of Telangana state? ›

Sri Thanneeru Harish Rao

Who is AP collector name? ›

District Administration
Shri P. Ranjit Basha, I.A.SDistrict Collector08672252882
Dr.Mahesh Kumar Ravirala I.A.SJoint Collector & Additional District Magistrate (RB & R)08672252601

Who is the king of Vijayawada? ›

Vijayawada history reveals that Bezawada (Vijayawada) was ruled by King Madhava Varma (one of the kings of Vishnukundina dynasty).

Who is district collector of Andhra Pradesh? ›

District Collectorate
Sri Hari Narayanan.M IASCollector and District Magistrate08572240333
Dr.S.Venkateswar I.A.S.,Joint Collector & Addl. District Magistrate08572231181
Sri N RajasekharDistrict Revenue Officer & Addl. District Magistrate

WHO launched ICDS? ›

The scheme was launched in 1975, discontinued in 1978 by the government of Morarji Desai, and then relaunched by the Tenth Five Year Plan. Tenth five-year plan also linked ICDS to Anganwadi centres established mainly in rural areas and staffed with frontline workers.

What is role of ICDS? ›

The Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme was launched with the objectives (i) to improve the nutritional and health status of children in the age-group 0-6 years;(ii) to lay the foundation for proper psychological, physical and social development of the child; (iii) to reduce the incidence of mortality, ...

What is the aim of ICDS? ›

One of the basic objective of ICDS is to improve the nutritional and health status of children below the age of six years and mothers (Pregnant & first 6 months of lactation) through protein – energy supplementation that provides 500 Kcal of energy and 12-15 gm. of protein to children, 600 Kcal energy and 18-20 gm.

Who is the governor of AP 2022? ›

Hon'ble Governor Sri Biswabhusan Harichandan has participated as Chief Guest in the 55th Engineer's Day celebrations in Cuttack, Odisha.

Who is the new home minister of AP 2022? ›

Following the cabinet re-shuffling on 11 April 2022, Taneti Vanitha assumed the office under Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy ministry.

How many districts in AP 2022 What are the? ›

The state of Andhra Pradesh has 26 districts spread across three regions — Uttarandhra, Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. Uttarandhra consists of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Parvathipuram Manyam, Alluri Sitharama Raju, Visakhapatnam and Anakapalli districts. Coastal Andhra comprises Kakinada, Dr. B. R.

What is child welfare Programme? ›

the aim was to provide provisions for nutrition, shelter, sanitation, health care, and hygiene. Additionally, they were also provided education, safe drinking water, and recreational facilities and protection against exploitation and abuse to neglected and destitute street children.

What are women's groups? ›

A women's group is a group of women who meet regularly, usually to have discussions or to organize campaigns.

What is human and child welfare? ›

child welfare, services and institutions concerned with the physical, social, and psychological well-being of children, particularly children suffering from the effects of poverty or lacking normal parental care and supervision.

Who are the beneficiaries of ICDS scheme? ›

Launched in 1975, it is one of the world's largest programmes providing for an integrated package of services for the holistic development of the child. ICDS is a centrally sponsored scheme implemented by state governments and union territories. The scheme is universal covering all the districts of the country.

Is Poshan abhiyaan under ICDS? ›

The ICDS-Common Application Software (CAS) is one of the main components of POSHAN Abhiyaan.

How many components are covered under ICDS? ›

In implementation of the ICDS scheme, convergence is brought in between many Central Ministries2 and their services are framed into the 4 different components of ICDS.

What Is Social Welfare Department in Andhra Pradesh? ›

DEPARTMENT OVERVIEW. The Social Welfare Department is dedicated to the integrated and overall development of SCHEDULED CASTES and the implementation of the Schedule Caste Sub Plan. According to the 2011 Census, the Scheduled Castes population in the State is 84,69,278 which accounts for 17.08% of the State's population ...

Who is the principal secretary social welfare Andhra Pradesh? ›

P. Rama Mohan Rao, Principal Secretary, Social Welfare & Nutritious Meal Programme Deptt.

Who is Ronald Rose? ›

Ronald Rose is an IAS officer. He worked in the remote tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh for the welfare of the tribals and their livelihoods. He is working in the sphere of Rural Livelihoods and Poverty Alleviation and Urban Affairs and Municipal Administration.

Who is our education minister? ›

Ministry of Education (India)
Ministry overview
JurisdictionGovernment of India
HeadquartersShastri Bhawan, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi
Annual budget₹104,278 crore (US$13 billion) (2022–23)
Minister responsibleDharmedra Pradhan, Cabinet Minister
6 more rows

Who is the health Minister of India 2022 Name? ›

The current minister is Mansukh L.
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of India
HeadquartersCabinet Secretariat Raisina Hill, New Delhi 28°36′50″N 77°12′32″E
Annual budget₹223,000 crore (US$28 billion) (2021-22 est.)
Ministers responsibleMansukh L. Mandaviya Bharati Pawar, Minister of State for Health
4 more rows

Who is our state home minister? ›

Shri Araga Jnanendra

Who is Andhra Pradesh Home Minister? ›

Following the cabinet re-shuffling on 11 April 2022, Taneti Vanitha assumed the office under Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy ministry.

Is the education minister of India? ›

The current education minister is Dharmendra Pradhan, a member of the Council of Ministers. India had the Ministry of Education since 1947.

Who is the first speaker of Andhra Pradesh? ›

The first meeting of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly was held on 3 December 1956. Ayyadevara Kaleswara Rao and Konda Lakshman Bapuji were elected as the first Speaker and the first Deputy Speaker respectively of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

How many districts in AP 2022 What are the? ›

The state of Andhra Pradesh has 26 districts spread across three regions — Uttarandhra, Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. Uttarandhra consists of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Parvathipuram Manyam, Alluri Sitharama Raju, Visakhapatnam and Anakapalli districts. Coastal Andhra comprises Kakinada, Dr. B. R.

Who is the education Minister of AP 2022? ›

Following the cabinet re-shuffling on 11 April 2022, Botsa Satyanarayana assumed the office under Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy ministry.


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