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Post Office in El Paso, TX (1)


Governmental system failure. I’ve called at least ten times, let it ring until the call disconnects automatically.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (2)

Marcos Meza

It took approximately an hour and a half to pick up my mail. There’s one person working here with a line of upwards of 25 people. Your Yelp rating is 1.5. Please do something to streamline your facility.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (3)

James Riddle

The line to pick up mail robs us of seven hours every week. Lines 50 people long have been recorded. They need to place a top priority on getting new residents their mailbox keys. This is blatant disrespect for the public.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (4)

Gabriel Gonzalez


Today 4/7/22 at around 12:42 pm I witness the postal worker delivery female deliberately throw my package over our fence, which hit the concrete and damaged a book that was meant to be a gift, there was heavy cast iron tool inside the box that at impact blew the air bubble wrapping smashing against the book and imprinting the tool's casting upon it and tearing a whole corner off of it. I approached the vehicle which was a 2013 Nissan Maxima, silver color, license plate Texas RLT4722. She immediately got surprised and denied throwing it over the highest point of our fence and hitting the concrete walkway. All others leave packages in the top of the fence which has a flat portion created by us for that purpose. She immediately took off after the confrontation. If you see this car delivering to your place be extremely watchful. As always, when you call Sandy Creek, they either hang-up on you or disconnect your call. I am sick and tired of these new postal workers that I have confronted not once but 4 times since 2018, even had federal complaint cases opened on their behalf. At the end nothing gets fixed and we still have third-world-country service in El Paso, TX. Good thing we will be moving soon, and will not have to deal with liars, thieves, and lousy customer service representing the Federal government. Shame on you all.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (5)



We have recently moved to El Paso from the DFW area and have been coming to this post office Sandy Creek on George Dieter since 11/1/2021 and have been coming here every other day to pick up mail and to check on status of receiving keys and a assigned mail box to no avail.. Originally our PO should have been in Socorro but was told that all 79928's mail would be handled by this PO. .We stand in line for over 2 hours, I have spoken to different people, I'll name names later but I did speak to a supervisor named Nestor, and asked if he would give me an idea when I would get my keys & mailbox, and what the delay was, he took my name & number & of course address and he said he would call me before 11:00 a.m. that same day, it's been 3 weeks and I'm still waiting for a returned call. Today is 12/8/2021 have been coming here for a month to pick up mail & still no keys. I don't know what the problem is, but my concern is we stay in line for 2 1/2 to 3 hours to pick up mail and there is only one person working the window for this service. I feel sorry for the elderly people, I am 71 years old and have back issues, so I can imagine how other older people take it, I've seen pregnant women, and women with canes or walkers. Can I or May I get some of these questions answered?


Post Office in El Paso, TX (6)

Jesus Vicente Arcos

the post office have a very bad costumer service.first of all no one answer the phone when we have a problem to solve with a package.we as costumers can't count with a little help from them in x urgent situation.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (7)

Cynthia A Medina

I have been to the post office twice in 2 days, waited over 2 hours in line to be told they didn't know where my package was there at the Sandy Creek location and told to speak to a supervisor. When a female supervisor called me back she said she knew exactly where the package was and that unfortunately some people don't want to do their jobs. Said that if it was her business she would've fired people already. After I pressured her about it she said I'll just return your package and hung up on me. Truly unprofessional


Post Office in El Paso, TX (8)

Are you a formula station and if so, why?

I heard that you guys , in El Paso, TX 79936 are trying to change the rules for rural carriers and make them like City Carriers......and it seems to be very secretive? That's messed up and Rubin Dominguez is responsible, from what I've heard! How does a common station manger in Socorro, TX get to make that designation as Sandy Creekbeing this formula station ?


Post Office in El Paso, TX (9)

Alicia Dominguez


something struck inside mailbox ,haven't been able to open he box and get mail for 2 weeks. left note no response


Post Office in El Paso, TX (10)

Martin Nores

Hello. Our entire mailbox was replaced and we did not receive any type of notice about our mail. I went to the Sandy Creek location and picked up my mail and no one there mentioned the box was already installed or how to access our mailbox. I would like an explanation of what the next steps are gonna be. I would like some information on how soon are gonna be receiving our keys or are we gonna be able to use our present keys and finally when can we have access our mailbox.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (11)

Larry Condra

This Post Office is unbelievably inefficient And incompetent. This is the 4th occasion my mail was not delivered to the correct mailbox or my packages not delivered at all. Try to contact main office of the Post Office at Sandy Creek no one will answer the phone. Made 11 different attempts at different times to call this place


Post Office in El Paso, TX (12)

Lack of respect for delivered packages

Today a package was delivered and it was just thrown inside our gate. I am aware of this due to the loud noise of the package being thrown. This is not the first time this has happened. My front door is no more than 5 steps away, and see no reason my packages can not be left by the door. It is inexcusable for packages to be thrown over a gate. At the least open the gate and place it on the ground.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (13)

Terrible Customer Service, heck no service at all


Tried calling several times, as my package on the system said it was delievered but no key was left and nothing was delivered to our home. So even trying to call the 1-800 was horrible with no luck to have anyone live answer the phone. Why wouldn't any one answer the phone. When I go to the post office, there is always a long line with a couple working in the front but hear loud music and peple talking in the back and laughing. Really????


Post Office in El Paso, TX (14)


I just moved into a new home on the 14000 block of Pebble Hills where will my community Mailbox be located at


Post Office in El Paso, TX (16)

Sandy Creek

For the most part I'm always getting notifications that my packages that their delivered when their not. I called them and they don't answer their phones!!! They pick up and then sounds busy where its obvious that they take it off the hook so that they don't have to answer. This is a government agency and they don't answer their phones. What kind of example are they leaving. Not good at all!! I guess ill have to stop by in person and raise hell.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (17)


I recently moved, placed a forwarding address online and paid the fee for a key to my new mailbox. I was told at the time I paid the fee that it would take 2 weeks to get the key and they would hold my mail until then. Today was the 3rd time in 3 weeks that I went to get my mail and each time I was told I had no mail and that a notice was sent to the carrier to hold my mail. I was also told today that my key (Almost 3 weeks after I ordered it) was not ready and When I asked what the hold up was, I was told that there are 100s of people waiting for keys. I then asked to speak to a manager who didn’t bother to come out to talk to me after waiting 15 minutes. This post office that I am told I have to go to because of my zip code has no air conditioners and obviously doesn’t care about customer service all the way from it’s employees to management.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (18)

David Holguin

terrible service. cant get a hold of anyone locally to ask about a pkg that was sent back to sender (in China) due to "insufficient address". all paperwork on my end and senders is correct????? extremely frustrating and will opt to use any other source of delivery from now on. i dont mind paying more for better service.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (19)


If mail is not picked up or delivered and delivered to the wrong address get ahold of the OIG, call and ask for the number or get it online, they have to give it to you no questions, I have been having trouble with lost packages and tracking isn't right and no response from USPS so its gone to crap,


Post Office in El Paso, TX (20)

Joshua Bisson


I purchased a house and i am trying to get a key to my mail box however i am having a very difficult time getting help from anyone pertaining to this issue. I a ready to seek legal action and if i could get any help it would be appraised.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (21)


I live on Two Towers. My mail is being placed in the wrong box. My son's medication, online orders, letters are returned by neighbors or people who live 1 or 2 blocks away. I am so unsatisfied the way mail is being handled carelessly. I have even gotten mails from other people. This is a complaint. This issue has been going on for some time now. I need this resolved by the mailman to be cautions which box, mailman is placing people's mail.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (22)


Since there is no way to send an e-mail to report something I'll do it here. It's 5/4/20 and it's 10:00 PM, I just went to send out a letter and drop it in the box at the Sandy creek station. Before I drove off after dropping it off I noticed that the letter did not drop in all the way. I also noticed that the chute was jammed full of letters if you looked closely. I took my letter back and hope someone will look into this.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (23)

Texas Rose

I am sorry to say that the quality of service has gone down the drain with this post office. No service at all. They never answer their phone so why even list a phone number? I want to report a missing package that comes up as delivered. The most recent of the many negative experiences I have had with this post office.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (24)

Disappointed client

While the employees at the post office are polite i am very unsatisfied with the service. I reported I had lost my mail box key three months ago. It has now been a little over three months and I have not received a replacement key for the mail box. This has been a large inconvenience as I have to now come in weekly to the post office to pick up my mail. During each visit to pick up mail I have waited in line for no less than an hour to get my mail even if I am close to the beginning of the line. For three months now I have had to plan an hour to two hours just to stand in line to receive my mail. I do realize misplacing my mail box key was my fault but I’ve been waiting over three months to get it replaced and this is not good customer service.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (25)

Amanda Martinez

I am pissed every time I request a package pickup no one showes up and then I get an email at 5 am saying they picked up my request when in fact they didn’t. When you try to call them no one answers. I’m writing a letter to head quarters this is a freaking horrible USPS.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (26)

victor hernandez

Hello,About two weeks ago I reported my mail box was broken into and they said they were going to repair it, so far it has not taken place.This is the address:3615 Oasis Dr.El Paso TX. 79936.Please advise the status.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (27)



I drove down there on a Saturday and went in after 1:00 pm so there were no postal workers working so I dropped my package off in the wall bin... BIG MISTAKE!. I printed my postage and made sure it was clearly visible on the box and a day went by, and then another, no scan! So after a couple days with no update to the website I called and asked...where is my package? well the lady on the phone says, it could of gone out without being scanned. So just wait and it should show up. Well it never got to where it was going! Today after filing several missing package reports and going down there them telling me it wasn't able to of been scanned. Huh? Okay, I just got a call saying that it was either, stolen, thrown in the trash, or just lost. probably stolen. It was a 140.00 dollar bike lock that I sold. Now im not going to get my money and the buyer is not going to get his lock! Priority mail only insures for 50.00 dollars, Damm! I no longer trust them or want to do any business with USPS. However, I am not going to let this go... I am going to find out who was working that day and give them hell! Why do they have a wall bin to put your packages in at the post office if its risking your mail not getting to where its going and not be lost, trashed, or stolen! By the way. the women on the phone said there was nothing wrong with the label?! This is criminal...


Post Office in El Paso, TX (28)


This office $1,000 dlls when it should have been easier for the mail person to just deliver the packages for the $18 dlls I pay for each package. Why USPS still have this location office? I called to other two locations and they answered the phone and were very polite. The items on the packages can't be replaced. I made a mistake of not having them to sign receipt.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (29)


This place is so Third World. The long lines and indifferent service is reminiscent of Easter Europe before the Wall fell. Management has no shame and no pride. They lost my wife's visa and in dealing with that I saw what a collection of morons and retards the management there is. Now I can't get my mail because the locks on our boxes have been changed without a word.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (30)

robles julio

Very long lines at the pick up window, personnel very rude, calls cant go through


Post Office in El Paso, TX (31)


How is this place still open? The service is horrible. You can wait over an hour in line just to pick up your mail because after 6 weeks I still haven’t got my mailbox keys. I tried to call to see if me keys came in and no one answers the phone. I called 26 times! Maybe they should get more people to work or something. This is the worst place to ever go!!!!


Post Office in El Paso, TX (32)

Oscar Ruiz

Our box office lock broke last 1-1-2018 and reported it to Sandy Creek office on 1-2-2018, did the paper report and turned in my box keys. As of today 1-6-2018 I have not heard from them at all, not a simple call and every day that I have been going to the office for a follow up there is no supervisor there and employees are super-rude. Thousands of calls I have made with no results.I need at least to have access to my incoming mail but nothing, this office and their employees are a disaster........SOMEONE PLEASE HELP !!


Post Office in El Paso, TX (33)

Cliff lee

Call all day no one pick up. Try the next day no one pick up is this number working 915 856 1483


Post Office in El Paso, TX (34)

Lindsay Hernandez

This post office is horrible. It does not answer the phone, there is always a wait, the employees are rude. No wonder USPS is going broke, who wants to deal with their horrible customer service?! Way to go America!


Post Office in El Paso, TX (35)

Chris Caldwell

Hello, a while back I ordered an item, reads it was delivered. No one rang doorbell, knocked nor anything. I called the post office, was informed they'd look to see if it was returned or misdirected. Haven't heard a word from them. Now, if it was stolen from my address or returned to post office I am still out the cost, plus shipping on item. Because, I don't know if I can file an insurance claim on it. I think I will just to recoup my loss.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (36)

Angela Adkins


It is COMMON to walk into this place and find a line with 30-40 people in it. They do not allow pick up of any type of mail at the retail window. Only paying customers seem to get the privilege of a quick exit from this place. I have stood in line anywhere from 20 minutes to yesterday's topper of ONE HOUR AND 50 MINUTES. The only reason I stood in line was because the post office took it upon themselves to rekey my mailbox without explanation. Monday my keys worked fine. Went to check my mail on Tuesday (these are the cluster boxes the USPS uses because now they're too lazy to do door to door service) and the keys no longer worked. Lo and Behold, there's a brand new shiny lock on the box. So, I waited NO JOKE, almost 2 hours and when I finally DID get to the window, the employee tells me to write my info down on a yellow card and the carrier "Chet" would call me back by COB Thursday. "We'll ask him to look at the box". What part of my lock was randomly changed do you not get? Seriously this guy acted like I was over reacting because not only was I pissed about the surprise rekey, I had the audacity to be upset that I waited in line from 10:05 AM to 11:55 a.m. I take my personal information pretty seriously. Heaven help the USPS if I get a data breech for their incompetence.Mind you, I have personal info going into this box, anticipating live checks and there IS NO EXCUSE for my box to have been randomly re-keyed. I was talking to people next to me, and they stated when they first got their service, this same office gave them someone else's mailbox....Anyhow, it's close to close of business, and I've yet to hear from "Chet" or anyone from the local office. I filed a complaint as well with the USPS about the excessive wait times, the lackadaisical attitude towards customers etc. The district Manager, Mr. Traywick was given until 3:00 PM today to respond to the status of my mailbox issue as well as address the overt abuse of customers by making them wait in long lines. Guess what did not happen? You got it, no return call. So I called the Consumer Affairs office back and reported the failure to comply. She's giving him another day and escalating the issue.Mind you, the retail line was largely empty. Standing 45 people back, I had a clear view of the retail counters. People giving them money got out of there in 5 minutes or less. Heaven forbid you actually just want to find out why your box has been tampered with.Oh did I mention I also tried calling the phone number on their website? It tells you to hold for an operator, who NEVER PICKS UP. I literally tried repeatedly yesterday morning to see if I could avoid waiting in line and just ask them to check it out. All it does is ring about 40 times, then hangs up on you. Don't bother.Also, I'd like to mention....I heard the guy that waited on me tell several people there is a TWO MONTH WAIT just to get new mail delivery set up. That people have to go put up with this BS for that 2 months just to get their mail.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (37)


Terrible terrible terrible. No customers at main counter. About 30 at pickup window. I'm not sure where they get their information but the website actually says average wait is 20 minutes. I can't remember the last time that I came here that the wait was under 35-40 minutes. It doesn't matter what time you come.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (38)

Ron Hawkins

I called the number 915-856-1483 at 2pm on a Monday and the phone rang for 5 minutes before it hung up on me.......


Post Office in El Paso, TX (39)

diane culbertson

This post office delivery personnel are the worst or laziest that I have seen they never get the packages to the right mail box or they just send back something needs to be done about the lazy you can never get them to answer the telephone


Post Office in El Paso, TX (40)

Marisela M


I have had extremely BAD service to my new address. I have been patient with delivery at this new subdivision however the problems still persist. Both my husband and I are receiving mail that is over 2 months old! This includes a check that was delivered today 12/6/16 that is dated in September 2016. Both of us run business from our home locations and the sender of a payment had to be notified to send another check being that we had not received it. I have also received bills from creditors for the month with Sept and Oct 2016 due dates. BULK mail is no problem, don't really care about those however from time to time it would benefit us using an effective date coupon rather that EXPIRED coupons. I could go on and on with many more examples. The post master at Sandy Creek Station must be informed of this ongoing problem. I moved to my current address in June 2016 this problem needs to be addressed soon. It is getting worse as we share an address number however it is a different dwelling and has a different Unit number. The mail carriers are not being very thorough at all as I have received yet another piece of mail that does not belong to us. Your prompt response to this matter is greatly appreciated. I will await for an email before I take time off from work to address this matter in person at the before mentioned station.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (41)



This post office is the worst, or should I my mail carrier who is in charge of East Glen!! I have to East Glen since July and I STILL don't get my mail!!! All my utilities come in late because someone doesn't know how to do their job!! If you can't handle delivering mail to the correct address I suggest you find another profession!!! I have gone 3 times to complain and still my mail gets lost!!!


Post Office in El Paso, TX (42)


The worst Post Office ever, submitted a "hold mail", they hold the mail but delivered packages, in the rain!! like what???? ordered from Amazon show item needs to be picked up at the post office, THEY DON'T HAVE IT!!and they don't know where it's at, Supervisor is not concerned, (he's probably has the items). Do they get away with it?Rude workers there and to think they are supposed to be Vets.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (43)



Who is in charge? Who is responsible for the actions of the postal employees and the public that they serve? I find it so difficult to understand why it is such a painful process to obtain a key to my mail box. Granted, it is a new development but I'm pretty certain that it wasn't a surprise to anyone when houses started popping up. The main mailbox has been in place for quite some time and yet it takes weeks to get a key. Here's a thought - when the main mailbox goes in, how about having the keys already made. I'm pretty certain that the houses will eventually show up. This is what we call foresight and CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (44)


I had an order from Amazon,com say it was delivered, I waited two more days since USPS was involved nothing, 48 hrs later I contact Amazon,com and they reorder at no charge. I don't want USPS to get away with, this but what phone number do I use. One phone number just beeps, the other rings off the wall. I will contact Postal General see if they can do something.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (45)

Linzi G

PLEASE READ THIS EVERYONE THAT USES THIS POST OFFICE. I just want everyone to know how these supposed to be government employees are acting. Before reading on, know that this has happened to me 3 times by the same exact post office. I order something over 50$, track my package, wait all day for the package to not come, check the tracking again only to see that it says delivered. ALL three times I look at the time that it was out for delivery and it is the SAME EXACT time that it says it was delivered. Like this last package says it was out for delivery at 1114 am and then says it was delivered at 1114 am. HOW THE HECK are these packages being delivered at the same exact time as it was put on the truck for delivery... Only explanation I can think of is they are stealing the items. The first two times I went to them and they told me since it says delivered there is nothing they could do about it. This time the guy checked for my package saw that I had another package which was a different item I ordered and tried to convince me that it was the package that said was delivered. So I showed him the other tracking information and he couldn't say anything except give me the number to his supervisor. Tried to call the supervisor 6 times and either he/she doesn't answer their phone or the dude at the desk gave me a bogus number . This is the 3rd time and I WILL not let them screw me over again. This post office seriously needs to be investigated. If they don't figure out where my item is, buy me a new one, or refund the money that I paid for this item I will be back on here asking for others that this has happened to so I can get a folder started to alert the proper authorities! FURIOUS!


Post Office in El Paso, TX (46)


The El Paso mail system is horrid. Back home, I use to get my mail every morning at 5am. Out here, it's more like whenever the moon rises.The other day I got a book in the mail that I ordered for school. It went to one of those stupid lazy communal mailboxes. Problem is, I can't get my book out. The end that my mail comes out of is to narrow. I left a note on the book for the postal worker to move the book to the larger delivery boxes, but he hasn't complied. The book has been sitting in a metal box in the hot El Paso heat for two days now. I pray there is no heat damage (glue melts in extreme heat). This is not the first time that I have had this issue and I have complained and complained about our postal workers not paying attention to their jobs, but as usual, because this is still a Government funded agency, they don't listen to us. Maybe he'll finally get the idea today, I doubt it.I have been trying to get through to an agent at the post office since 9am today and all I get is disconnected or hung up on or redirected to voicemail. I want to talk to a live person about this problem and have it resolved prior to the weekend, but noooo, that's to hard for these High School flunkies I guess.DO NOT USE USPS IN EL PASO TX. Go FedEx or UPS, and if you can't don't order whatever it is you are trying to order. Avoid the USPS at all costs out here.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (47)


I just was my delivery guy drop off my mail… drive 5 feet forward, get out of his car and pull my weekly ads out of my mail box??? isn't that illegal??? i walked out to ask him and he DROVE OFF!!! WHT??


Post Office in El Paso, TX (48)



worst post office ever.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (49)


This is the worst post office I have ever dealt with in my life irresponsible no communication they changed a address on a package without approving it people are fkn stupid and no brains


Post Office in El Paso, TX (50)


Sent in a change of address late July, had a parcel delivered to my old residence mid-August, although my change of address was processed. Now I'm jumping through hoops, for over two weeks now, to get an answer on where my parcel is?!?...someone that's competent..HELP!!!


Post Office in El Paso, TX (51)

El Paso customer

This post office needs a review by headquarters. They are bereft of any honest delivery drivers. They have very shoddy customer service. I chalk it up to laziness. All employes I have met are rude and this is becoming a very ineffective postal center.


Post Office in El Paso, TX (52)


This post office has got to be one of the worst. Each and every time I have ordered something that was shipped by USPS they ALWAYS miss the delviery to me. They say they leave a message stating that they attempted delivery which 2 out of 3 times you never get. Then when you show up to get your package it takes about 30-45 minutes waiting in line. If possible DO NOT USE USPS as you will work harder than they will trying to revieve your package.


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