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A pest control company licensed and approved by Abu Dhabi Municipality

There is no doubt that countries that seek development and progress and the survival of their entity preserved in appreciation and respect, make all of this

It is done through legal frameworks in all the details of the state administration.

Whereas, the United Arab Emirates is one of the highly developed and ever-developing countries; It was the order of licensing each activity in the frameworks that take into account the controls of the management of any activity that interacts with the public and their right to obtain their services in accordance with the specifications in force in every matter.

Since the beginning of our company’s activity in pest control, we have contacted the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Municipality to obtain the establishment and establishment of a pest control company licensed by the Abu Dhabi Municipality, taking into account all work regulations.

Which are approved by law and determined by the principles and rules of work to gain the confidence of the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain since the first day of the activity of a pest control company.

We have started our work by applying the broad lines we have set outlining the work strategy and policies for dealing with the residents of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and meeting their needs in light of the applicable assets of the activity of a pest control company licensed by the Abu Dhabi Municipality.

Since the first day of the company’s activity and the start of providing its services to the people of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain from the people of the country, residents, companies, institutions and others, we have committed to presenting our slogan “Experience is the basis” applied on the ground, and based on our previous experiences before practicing the activity in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain .

Pest control service from Abu Dhabi Municipality

In Abu Dhabi city in the United Arab Emirates, the Abu Dhabi Municipality gives great priority to the pest control and extermination of insects, pests, harmful animals and rodents, to preserve the environment, health and safety. Therefore, the state enacted laws to organize and maintain this process. The competent bodies control insects in the streets, squares, picnic spots, beaches and Waste collection places , and the pest control process is based on specific criteria and standards based on the breeding and mating seasons of insects, the insect life cycle, insect nesting places, insect behavior, insect feeding means, and other insect related factors.

Abu Dhabi Municipality provides insects extermination and pest control service to citizens through some pest control companies that contracted with them for this.

Abu Dhabi Municipality monitors the licensed pest control companies operating in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where it monitors the materials, equipment and insecticides, and whether this pesticide used is licensed and approved by the Environment Agency, and whether it is harmful or has any negative effects on public health, and the review of all technicians and workers in the field of pest control and insects extermination, It ensures that they receive the appropriate training and the necessary licenses from the relevant authorities.

Getting rid of insects

Subtract : _ Is it good manners for a person, who is the honored being of God Almighty above all creatures, to rid himself of other creatures?!

_ Do the heavenly religions see the permissibility of getting rid of wild animals and harmful insects with any kind of harm?

Or the necessity of getting rid and not just the permissibility of getting rid of insects?

Does mercy mean the tenderness of the heart, the nobility of feelings and the serenity of souls, the closure of factories, factories and companies of pesticides?

In order for people to become friends of the environment and deserving of mercy on the basis of: “He who is ruthless, will not be ruthless”?!

_ Does a person feel safe from the evil of wild animals, harmful insects, or microorganisms?

That transmits diseases or threatens his life on the pretext of “animal kindness” at all, and for all animals?!

Answer: All of these questions open the doors to multiple and different answers, including philosophical, religious, logical, and realistic. But we will deal with a side different from the above, which is the innate and instinctive side, and our answer is the survival instinct, and in order for a person to remain alive, he must do two things.

The first is to preserve his life

The second: responding to any attack on him

Whereas, insects and harmful animals represent a danger to human life; So it must be disposed of.

service : In the city of “Abu Dhabi and Al Ain” we help you to get rid of all harmful animals and insects by providing a cleaning and disinfection service for residential and administrative buildings and other damages of all these insects

We provide services to deal with all causes of damage easily and quickly, moving to those requesting our services with ease and ease to keep the city of “Abu Dhabi and Al Ain” and its residents safe from animals and harmful insects

pest control

Someone may surprise you by saying: Why do we fight insects and deprive them of life? that God gave her?

Here you will be surprised by his observation and question; This is because man was created by God

By nature, you see the necessity of getting rid of everything that is harmful, and the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “There is no harm, no harm.” As soon as you inform him of that answer, he responds forcefully: but insects are among them that are beneficial, and here you must surprise him.

Quick response: The fight against insects is for the harmful ones, and harmful insects are what are called “domestic insects”, all of which are certainly harmful. So I had to fight it.

– Just as the scholars developed a science that they called: “The Science of Entomology”, they also developed what they called: “pest control”, and they mentioned

There are many ways to combat this, including:

Chemical control of household insects

Through insecticides using technical techniques, provided by specialized companies in Abu Dhabi.

– Mazaya Pest Control Company in Abu Dhabi has taken it upon itself to provide the best service

To its audience in the field of combating insects that may be present in homes, companies, factories and various institutions and buildings, which cause constant disturbance to the residents and visitors of those places, and cause them direct damage as well.

Providing the best pest control service is represented in the following axes:

First: Using the latest findings from the science of pest control that are effective in eliminating these insects annoying and harmful.

Second: Employing trained and experienced technicians on the best techniques related to the performance of this role. Third: Providing facilities for prompt and accurate access to the service.

How to use insecticides ?

When the infestation of insects appears in the home or in the facilities, and after using the natural methods for controlling insects, which we call non-chemical methods, then the role of chemical methods in treating insects comes.

Chemical treatment is insecticides. Insecticides in Abu Dhabi come in many forms. Some of them are liquid pesticides, including solid baits, including powders, including capsules, including compressed gases.

Each insecticide contains an effective chemical and some other additives. Each active ingredient follows a specific chemical group. These chemical groups are classified in clear classifications. Insecticides are also classified in terms of use. There are agricultural pesticides and there are public health pesticides.

Each insecticide must have a registration and licensing certificate from the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi, and the license number must be clear and recorded on the outer label of the pesticide, and each insecticide has a health and safety data certificate.

Before using any pesticide, you must read the label and the health and safety data certificate carefully, and all health and safety equipment and tools must be used, and there are some restricted insecticides that should only be used by pest control technicians in Abu Dhabi, so ban them and do not use them .

Household insects control in Abu Dhabi

The houses, whether they are an apartment, a villa or a building, are susceptible to insects, and there are many factors that help in infecting the house with insects, including, for example, poor ventilation, not exposing the house and furniture to sunlight, not cleaning and the accumulation of dirt and waste, and one of the very important factors in infection Domestic insects, especially flying insects, whether they are mosquitoes or flies, is water leakage, lack of maintenance of water pipes and air conditioners, and the appearance of any leakage in them.

Any furniture or any items must be monitored and reviewed before entering the house, as they are often infested with insects and lead to transmission of the infection to the house, especially bed insects, including bed bugs, fleas, lice, mites and others.

The appearance of moisture on the walls is an important factor for the appearance of insects. If you notice any moisture on the walls, it must be cleaned and treated directly, and this is an important factor that should not be overlooked due to the weather conditions in Abu Dhabi.

Develop a successful plan for public health pest control work in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

The following actions must be taken

First : Analysis of the current situation

It is considered the first stage of pest control work in Abu Dhabi and is intended to develop a complete vision

On the public health pests present in the region and the surrounding factors by looking at the following :

1 : Basic information about the area .

2 : Climatic information for the area, including (temperature, humidity, speed

Wind, rainfall (all seasons of the year), summer, autumn,

Spring, winter (because the breeding seasons of some pests are linked to these seasons.

3 : Information about the public health pests in the area (types of heartbreaks and public health pests including mosquitoes insects , flies insects, rodents and stray animals present in the area and their breeding spots,

The most intense and widespread of these pests to focus on is their relationship to diseases

In the area, the breeding season for each insect and pest of these pests (.

4 : Information related to sanitation, and if there are any problems related to it, such as the presence of leaks that may cause a suitable environment for the breeding of mosquito larvae, and the presence of animal breeding pens.

5 : Information about pest control work, including knowledge of available equipment, tools and devices

For works (exploration and spraying, monitoring, sensitivity tests, spraying devices

Pesticides of various types: micro-spray, ordinary mist, and mist

temperature), as well as knowledge of available chemicals, including (public health insecticides).

6 : Information to reduce costs

7 : Information about the nature of the breeding sites for pests and insects in the area (whether fixed or not).

Variable, their number, and what are the best methods of treatment and extermination.

Where this perception is the starting point for developing a successful plan to control insects and pests Public health and its application in a manner commensurate with the conditions of each region in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain .

Pest control Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi city, the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, is one of the most developed and growing cities, and with this urban growth, areas and dwellings are more vulnerable to domestic insects. There are many factors and recommendations that must be followed to avoid infection with domestic insects or increase the breeding of insects, and one of the most important recommendations for attention to hygiene Ventilate and check furniture and appliances before entering the house.

If insects appear in your home in Abu Dhabi, you must follow modern methods of pest control, or seek the assistance of a pest control company in Abu Dhabi that has experience and competence and is approved and licensed by the competent authorities in Abu Dhabi. This company follows the integrated management program for pest control recommended in Abu Dhabi.

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