Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (2022)

The following are our current dogs – not all of our dogs are able to go to a home . Some of them where a subject to abuse and find it very hard to trust again. Others were never properly socialized as puppies, and are still wary of humans. However they are all up for sponsoring.

If you are interested in adopting a dog please call the Sanctuary for more information.

All of our dogs are vaccined, neutered and micro chipped.

Anyone who would like to adopt a dog will have to sign a contract, this is to ensure that dog will go to a loving family and a great home. Most of our dogs suffered from malnutrition, abuse, abandonment and much more so we would like them to go into a new life where they never have to experience such days again. Also a donation will be asked for when adopting the dog NOT because we sell our dogs but to help us with our daily expenses.


These dogs are so called because they have the freedom to run around the sanctuary day and night. They are all friendly and sweet and get along with the other dogs as well as all humans.

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Barbie was a stray who settled down in a field where there were already some male dogs. Obviously, once she was on heat she soon became pregnant, and Barbie became the proud (and exhausted) mother of 12 beautiful puppies of various shapes and sizes. The owner of the field was happy to feed her along with his dogs, but he needed help in homing the pups. Barbie and her little ones were brought to the sanctuary, and the puppies stayed until good homes were found for them. Barbie was an excellent mother – so loving and patient! While Barbie was with us she changed from a scared dog to a loving one. She loves the volunteers but is still scared of people unknown to her. She is also scared to go out of the sanctuary and loud noises are her worst enemy. Barbie feels safe at the sanctuary.

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ADOPTED Boccina is 8 years old. She came to us with severe skin allergy She was found by Animal Welfare and taken in by us. She had sores all over her body by scratching herself. She was immediately seen by a vet and started on medication and hypoallergenic food. She is doing much better now. Boccina is a bit shy from people she does not know but loves to cuddle with people she trusts



Ace was admitted with his brother Cuddles from Animal Welfare. Poor Ace was born with a disability, and is still waiting for the chance to go abroad for surgery.

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Comet is around 6 years old, and also came from Animal Welfare. She is the opposite of Dusty! She is ok with other dogs, but is a bit shy around people. So, she takes her run also with other dogs, so she can enjoy and play with them. But when it’s time for quality time, she leaves it all to Dusty. She doesn’t like to be touched.


Buttons has been at the sanctuary for over 5 years now. She was found together with her sister Sandy who sadly passed away last year. They were found when they were just a few days old, thrown in a plastic bag in a skip! The lady who found them decided she would take care of them herself. After 5 years she had to give up the farmhouse where she kept her rescued dogs and had no place to keep them, so we eventually took them in. Though shy at the beginning, Buttons has gained a lot of confidence. She loves cuddles, and love to run around the sanctuary. In her old home she was free to run around, but was not used to walking on a lead, and we had a hard time training her to walk on a lead.

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Milton and Chaucer were bought as puppies from a pet shop. The old lady who bought them, couldn’t cope with two strong pups, and put them in a ‘shed’ in the yard. They had no roof over their heads and no beds to sleep in. She couldn’t even go in to feed them or clean up the area as she was too fragile. So these poor dogs were day in and day out fed by a friend Their shed was only cleaned once a week…they were a mess. When we were informed of the situation some months ago, they were admitted to the sanctuary. Chaucer was adopted a year ago by one of the volunteers but still meets with Milton every Saturday. Milton is now enjoying the freedom he most deserves with his pen mate Georgina.

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (7)


Amy was admitted from Animal Welfare. She is quiet and timid, a bit shy around people she doesn’t know and is very scared of the world outside the sanctuary….she feels safe inside the sanctuary and loves to run and play with Rusty her pen mate . She was on trial for adoption, but was too scared of everything. Amy would need a lot of time and patience to finally find her home.

Pippa was homed to a family when she was a puppy. She had always been very nervous and not to happy with people touching her. But, living with a family, she was a happy dog and bonded well with her ‘mama’. However, when she was 5 years old her family decided to return Pippa to the sanctuary.
Poor Pippa was heartbroken… she refused her food and would not let anybody touch her. Little by little we started gaining her trust. She is much better now, but we still can’t put a lead on her, and we cannot pick her up or try to home her. She comes to us and wags her tail, but will not trust anyone to do anything else. Poor Pippa’s fate is to live her life at the sanctuary.


Yvette was brought in to the sanctuary with her mum and dad. She was about 7 months old at the time. Before being brought in she used to live on the streets eating scraps of food she could find. Her parents we very friendly and soon found a home. Yvette on the other hand is the scared type of dog. Just like Pippa, she comes to us to greet us, wags her tail, eats from our hands, but that is as far as she goes. She still won’t accept having a lead put on or go out for walks. But at least she will allow us the volunteers to pick her up and stays on our lap for cuddles. The sanctuary will be her home and will be with Pippa for the rest of her life.


Georgina lived as a stray in Qawra for over 5 years. Luckily, some people made sure she always had food and water, but she never let them get close to her. Every 6 months she would have a litter of puppies, but though the puppies were always rescued, Georgina herself could never be captured to be neutered. Finally, after 5 years, Georgina was caught and brought to our sanctuary with her 7 newly born puppies. Once the puppies were old enough, homes were found for them and Georgina was finally spayed. It was decided that Qawra is too dangerous a place for stray dogs, so we have her still at the sanctuary. Georgina is safe and cared for with us, but still lives like a stray. She doesn’t want to be touched by the volunteers, but is very friendly with all other dogs and loves to run around and play with them. She is still very cautious and will not go to sleep or eat in any of the rooms, in case she would be caught again. In recent months, she enjoys the company of Milton.


Rusty is a very shy dog who doesn’t trust humans. She must have been through a lot in her early years – she still doesn’t like to be touched and she won’t take a lead. Now, after being with us for over a year, she comes to eat from our hands, and, if we corner her in her room she will allow us to stroke her head. Rusty will probably spend all her life at the sanctuary, where she is safe and enjoys the company of her mates and her daily run.

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Mask is now 12 years old. He was brought to the sanctuary at just a few months old together with his brother Zorro who unfortunately crossed the rainbow bridge recently and his sister Ria . Their mother-who was feral-was spayed and released into the care of her feeders, but we kept her puppies in the hope of finding homes for them. All 3 pups suffered from a bad skin condition – all their hair came off, and it took 3 months for them to recover. During this time we did our best to get them used to human contact, but they were too scared, and not much progress was made. Mask was the best one – we can touch him and give him any medication he needs, but there’s no chance of putting a collar and lead on him. He now shares his pen with Sweetie.

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (13)


Sweetie was admitted from another sanctuary that was closing down. Sweetie is very scared of noises and people though she trusts the volunteers Sweetie is very happy with her pen mate Mask whom she follows everywhere.

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (14)


Goldie is a cute little boy. He has so much energy and loves to run wild. He enjoys playing with other dogs and loves to be cuddled. However, he is difficult to home as he’s a one owner dog and will protect his owner at any cost.

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (15)


Ghost was admitted from Animal Welfare 2 years ago. Ghost is shy around people and used to tremble at our touch as if we were about to smack him. He has improved and trusts us enough to let us stroke him as he sits in his bed and doesn’t try to escape from us. He also goes out for his daily run, but, if he loses sight of his pen mate Goldie…he runs quickly inside his pen until he sees him again.

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (16)


Dusty came to us from Animal Welfare. He is around 10 years old. Dusty doesn’t like other dogs. Comet is the only one he will accept. He is never let out with any other dogs during his run. However, he is very friendly and loving with people. He likes to give us kisses and jumps all over us to get all the attention. Last year Dusty suffered a stroke, and we were afraid we would lose him as he ended up paralysed. However, with medication, lots of loving care – and his own strong will – Dusty recovered fully!

Amore came from Animal Welfare. He is 13 years old and was chained! But he still loves to play with toys and going for walks. He will try to get all the attention he can get because he loves it! He also enjoys going out for walks.

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (18)


Ramiro came to us a few months ago from Animal Welfare. He is still young, round 4 years old. He is shy of people, until he gets to know you. He is such a sweet loving dog. Besides enjoying going out for long walks, he loves to be cuddled

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (19)


ADOPTEDJuliet also came from Animal Welfare and she is about 10 years old. She is very friendly and although she is a senior dog, loves to play with toys. Juliet shares the pen with Ramiro and they love to play together but she is the boss!

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (20)

Snowman, Holly and Santa

Snowman, Holly and Santa lived altogether on a roof. The 3 of them were taken to Animal Welfare when their owner was taken to hospital. They were so scared of everything and everyone! They were always cuddled up together in the corner of their room. On admission to the sanctuary, we tried our very best to help them overcome their trauma, and slowly slowly, day after day, they were getting better and better. Now they allow us to touch and stroke them and give them any medical treatment that they might need. When they are out on their run outside their pen, they love to play with the other dogs.

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (21)

Flower and Hailey

Flower and Hailey came to us from Animal welfare. Flower is about 4 years old and Hailey about 6 yrs old. They are very scared of people and loud noises and do not want anybody touching them except for a few volunteers whom they trust. They enjoy the freedom of the sanctuary all morning.

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Pete, a beautiful dog was in a home when he was a puppy along with another dog. But when he started being dominant owner decided to give him away instead of training him. He was homed to three different homes and finally ended up locked in a small pen on a farm. Pete is the most loving dog and is very obedient.

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Gizzy is 15 years old and lived her life in a small yard tied up. When chained dogs became illegal her owner did not want her anymore. Gizzy is deaf and when she came to sanctuary she had problems with her hind legs, weak muscles and could not walk. She is now much better with treatment and enjoys her last years with her pen mate Kale.

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (24)


Kale was found by Animal Welfare and later admitted to sanctuary. Kale is around 7 years old. Very scared of people but is fine with other dogs. She enjoys her days roaming around the sanctuary.

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (25)


ADOPTEDBailey is about 8 years old. She was found by Animal Welfare and taken in by us. She had breasts full of tumors and unfortunately had 2 mastectomies done. She was also neutered. Bailey is a very gentle and calm dog and loves to roam around.

Our Dogs | Island Sanctuary (26)


Dex is 2 years old. Dex had never been out of his room since he was born. He was kept in a dark room with another dog for 2 years until owner decided he does not want him. We had to catch him with a trap as Dex was so scared and even tried to bite us. Now at sanctuary he is already doing better. Enjoying a nice clean pen, good food and love from the volunteers.

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