Digital Marketing Career Guide: 7 Roles To Consider (2023)

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Digital marketing professionals possess a mix of strong communication skills, business savvy and technical know-how. Many academic institutions in the U.S. can prepare you for work in this well-paying field by offering a degree in marketing with a digital marketing specialization.

Digital marketing career options are vast and diverse. Most large public and private organizations employ SEO specialists, social media managers, copywriters and other marketing professionals to conduct messaging. And growing options for freelance work now provide even more opportunities for enterprising marketing professionals.

Below, we’ll highlight some of the most popular positions in the field of digital marketing, including the earning potential for each. This guide is intended to help recent graduates just starting out and current professionals looking to take their careers to the next level.

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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing involves marketing online via digital devices like laptops and cell phones. Though traditional marketing platforms like television and billboards still exist, today, the internet is the place to market to people, with the digital marketing industry valued at nearly $321 billion in 2022, as reported by Expert Market Research.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is far cheaper than traditional forms like print display ads. And people are spending more time online, with the average person now spending more than eight hours a day on the web, according to

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Marketing professionals can now learn in practically real time exactly how many people saw an ad and how many clicked the link. They can send push notifications to reach customers at the most opportune times. They can even reach a person by marketing to their avatar in a video game.


Modern marketing professionals employ a wide array of strategies to reach users, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), influencer marketing, email direct marketing and e-books, along with non-internet methods like TV ads, billboards and on-hold recordings.


To land jobs in digital marketing, academic institutions around the country offer various educational options, including marketing certificates, two-year associate degrees, four-year bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, MBAs with a marketing focus and even doctorates. Many programs offer online digital marketing degrees to accommodate learners with busy schedules.

Digital Marketing Careers

Whatever your skill set, the digital marketing field offers abundant options for a rewarding and well-paying career. Good with data? Marketing analyst might be the right job for you. Enjoy talking to people? Think about becoming a social media manager.

Digital marketers tend to earn above-average wages, and most positions require only a bachelor’s in marketing or a related subject. Below are a few of the most popular careers in digital marketing, including salary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) or Payscale unless otherwise noted.

Digital Marketing Analyst

2022 Median Salary: $68,230
Job Description: Digital marketing analysts gather and analyze data on consumers and business competitors to help their employers better understand market conditions. These professionals use research tools like surveys, opinion polls, consumer focus groups and literature reviews to examine factors such as customer preferences.

With many sectors utilizing market research, digital marketing analysts work in various industries. And the field is fast-growing, with the BLS projecting an added 150,300 positions between 2021 and 2031—a 19% increase, far faster than the average projected growth for all occupations.

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Digital Marketing Manager

2022 Median Salary: $140,040
Job Description: Digital marketing managers plan programs and initiatives on behalf of companies to generate interest in products or services. These professionals often work closely with department heads and others in upper management to develop marketing plans and budgets.

Digital marketing managers must think creatively to compete for the scarce attention of internet users and stand out from competitors. To this end, digital marketing managers frequently use contests, sponsorships and sales plans like discounts and coupons.

Marketing managers typically have related job experience and are often promoted from within. Marketing manager positions are well-paying, and the growth outlook is strong. The BLS expects the number of marketing managers in the United States to increase by 10% from 2021 to 2031.

Social Media Manager

Average Salary: Approximately $54,600
Job Description: Social media managers operate social network profiles on behalf of their employers to achieve marketing and other goals. They communicate with customers, write corporate statements and develop strategies for marketing across various social media platforms. These professionals often serve as their company’s online voice, speaking out on current issues and interacting with members of the public.

Social media managers must have strong communication and interpersonal skills and be able to meet strict deadlines. Key skills for social media managers include corporate communications, paid media marketing, campaign planning and client interaction.

Content Strategist

Average Salary: Approximately $66,400
Job Description: Content strategists create content plans for their employers and often help bring those plans to fruition. They create cohesive messaging by working closely with social media managers, marketing analysts and designers. Content strategists’ work is separated into projects, and they must consider which visual elements best support the written content.

Strong communication skills are critical. Effective content strategists also have proficiency in technical writing, user experience and people management. These professionals may work for many firms in their careers and are often freelancers.

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Average Salary: Approximately $56,500
Job Description: Copywriters create effective advertising to promote the sale of goods or services. They can capture an increasingly rare market share and speak directly to consumers with limited attention and time. Copywriters develop slogans, short messages and other creative content, often in collaborative work environments. These professionals meet with clients regularly to understand their needs and follow projects through to rollout.

Excellent writing skills are a must to deliver powerful and persuasive messages. Copywriters must work well within stringent deadlines and be able to think outside the box. When employed by a company, a copywriter will often produce all levels of its written communications, from emails to press releases, both internal and external.

SEO Specialist

Average Salary: Approximately $49,900
Job Description: Search engine ranking means everything these days, and SEO specialists ensure their organizations appear at the top in search engine results pages. They develop and continually update SEO in accordance with best practices, which change frequently.

SEO specialists must stay current on the latest tricks to enhance a company’s online visibility, such as knowing which keywords to incorporate on a webpage to ensure it appears in web searches for those keywords. SEO specialists must have a deep knowledge of HTML and other coding languages, as well as search engine analytics.

Email Marketing Specialist

Average Salary: Approximately $54,400
Job Description: Email marketing specialists help their companies advertise using email, though their responsibilities may vary by employer. These specialists determine what customers want and plan and execute email marketing campaigns accordingly. They develop marketing plans for specific products or brands that align with their company’s mission and public image.

Email marketing specialists must understand how to reach a targeted demographic, including the most effective marketing mediums and how to stay within a budget. These professionals typically possess strong skills in marketing communication, strategic marketing, project management and social media marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Careers in Digital Marketing

Is digital marketing a good career?

For many people, yes. The field offers good pay and room for advancement, with many options available for freelance work.

Is digital marketing a well-paid job?

Careers in the digital marketing field often pay higher-than-average salaries. Digital marketing managers make particularly high wages, earning a median annual salary exceeding $140,000, according to the BLS.

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Digital Marketing Career Guide: 7 Roles To Consider? ›

The typical career progression of a digital marketer in a digital agency goes like this: Digital Marketing Intern. Digital Account Executive ⇔ Digital Marketing Specialist. Digital Account Manager ⇔ Lead Specialist.

What is the career path for digital marketing? ›

The typical career progression of a digital marketer in a digital agency goes like this: Digital Marketing Intern. Digital Account Executive ⇔ Digital Marketing Specialist. Digital Account Manager ⇔ Lead Specialist.

What does a career in digital marketing look like? ›

Digital marketing is a form of marketing where businesses promote their products and services through digital platforms like social media, emails, blogs and digital advertising. The process includes building a digital presence and setting up campaigns to target the right audience.

Is digital marketing a tech career? ›

Being a digital marketer is a dynamic career opportunity for enhancing creative as well as tech skills.

Is digital marketing a lucrative career? ›

Is Digital Marketing well paid? Yes, digital marketing is of course a well-paid job. The average salary of a digital marketer at an executive-level position lies between INR 2,50,000 to 5,00,000. And the average highest starting salary at a manager's level is between INR 8,00,000 to 10,00,000.

What is the highest level of digital marketing? ›

Senior — Digital Marketing Lead.

How do I start a career in digital marketing from scratch? ›

How to Become a Digital Marketer in Five Steps:
  1. Learn digital marketing fundamentals.
  2. Learn how to use key digital marketing tools.
  3. Build a portfolio of digital marketing projects.
  4. Develop your digital marketing resume.
  5. Network to make connections in marketing.

What are the roles of a digital marketer? ›

As a digital marketer, you'll need to: create and upload copy and images for the organisation's website. write and dispatch email marketing campaigns. provide accurate reports and analysis to clients and company management to demonstrate effective return on investment (ROI)

Is digital marketing a stressful job? ›

In conclusion, Digital Marketing can be a stressful job, but it's not necessarily more stressful than other careers. Like any job, there are challenges and potential stressors, but there are also many rewards and benefits.

What is the salary of a digital marketer? ›

A digital marketing specialist's average salary in India is ₹4, 69,000/year.

Can a digital marketer work from home? ›

Just like with more technical roles, there are plenty of remote or work-from-home digital marketing jobs. And, since you can learn a lot of key marketing skills on the job, digital marketing can be a great option for anyone looking to change careers without going back to school or moving to a big city.

Is coding necessary for digital marketing? ›

Conclusion: While coding skills can certainly be beneficial for students pursuing a career in digital marketing, it is not necessarily a requirement. There are many aspects of digital marketing that do not require any coding knowledge, such as social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

What knowledge is required for digital marketing? ›

It is best practice for Digital Marketers to have basic knowledge about softwares such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, illustrator, InDesign, etc), Canva, Inkscape that would help them in creating visual content.

Can an introvert do digital marketing? ›

Being an introvert doesn't mean you won't be able to market effectively. Instead, it means that you'll find a way of attracting and connecting with clients that's different from how an extrovert approaches those tasks.

Is digital marketing a risky career? ›

Many so-called digital marketers claim themselves as experts but in reality, they know very little. Such people are dangerous for your career as a digital marketer as they flooded the market with job seekers on one hand and damage the rates as well.

How hard is digital marketing? ›

Digital marketing is not necessarily hard to learn, but it does take time, effort, and persistence. If you're unfamiliar with search engines, data analytics, or content management, you can expect to feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning, especially if you are trying to learn digital marketing on your own.

What are the 5 A's of digital marketing? ›

Audience, Assets, Access, Attribution and Automatisation: make the 5 As your new mantra! By developing an approach around each pillar you can become a digital transformation champion, delivering enriched customer experiences and improved business performance.

What is most difficult in digital marketing? ›

Chart of the day: Data management and marketing technology are the most difficult digital marketing tactics to execute, according to marketers. Data management and Martech require skills, resource and training.

What are the 3 most important things in digital marketing? ›

At its highest level, digital marketing has three main components: Lead Generation, Lead Capturing, and Lead Nurturing.

How can I do digital marketing with no experience? ›

If you're looking to break into the digital marketing field but don't have any previous experience, one of the best things you can do is build a strong portfolio. Start by creating a professional online presence through social media like LinkedIn or Twitter, or create your own website with engaging content.

Can I learn digital marketing in 1 month? ›

For most people, it's possible to learn the fundamentals in as little as a few months; dedicated online bootcamps like BrainStation's are able to impart the core technical skills needed to begin working in digital marketing in 12 weeks.

How do you master digital marketing? ›

Common Steps to Become a Digital Marketer
  1. Complete a bachelor degree. ...
  2. Learn important digital marketing skills. ...
  3. Consider certifications, bootcamps and courses. ...
  4. Get your first entry-level digital marketing job. ...
  5. Earn a master's degree in digital marketing.

What are the 4 functions of digital marketing? ›

4 Types of Digital Marketing You Should Consider for Your Business
  • Content Marketing. ...
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ...
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ...
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Apr 10, 2019

What is ROI and KPI in digital marketing? ›

ROI, which stands for return on investment, and KPI, which stands for key performance indicators, are measurement tools that businesses use to gauge how successful they have been in achieving specific goals and objectives.

What does a digital marketer do all day? ›

Marketing is a very varied field and digital marketers will complete a range of tasks daily. Typical tasks for a digital marketer will include sending emails, attending meetings, and creating content, monitoring marketing strategies, and analyzing data.

Is digital marketing career saturated? ›

The digital marketing industry is not saturated, and there is a lot of scope for growth. It is certain that it will take an individual's willpower, creativity, and consistency to get an edge over the competitors.

Is digital marketing easy or hard to learn? ›

To be honest, digital marketing is easy to learn. If you gain some basic skills and keep on exploring and reading magazines, you can easily learn digital marketing. But still, some people can find it hard to understand because of the technicality used in the analysis.

Are digital marketers in high demand? ›

With the increasing number of people using the internet, it is obvious that online marketing will be in demand. It simply helps companies expand and promote products and services at a global level. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, digital marketing was among the top 10 most in-demand jobs in the country.

What is the lowest digital marketing salary? ›

Digital Marketer salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.3 Lakhs to ₹ 9.4 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.0 Lakhs.

How many hours a week do Digital Marketers work? ›

Typically digital marketers work around 40 hours a week. Some may work more and some may work less, but that's generally the range.

How do I become a high paid digital marketer? ›

How to become a digital marketer
  1. Obtain relevant education. If you want to pursue a digital marketing career, you may complete a diploma or degree in a marketing or business-related field. ...
  2. Gain some experience. ...
  3. Apply for jobs. ...
  4. Search engine optimisation. ...
  5. Social media advertising. ...
  6. Budgeting. ...
  7. Creativity.
Apr 23, 2023

Can a digital marketer get job in Google? ›

Digital Marketing Strategist, Accelerated Growth, Customer Solutions. Key responsibilities of this job profile include: Prospect customers, identify leads and build sustainable relationships. Delivering on goals, while prioritizing and delivering outstanding customer experience to Google's advertisers.

Can a digital marketing certificate get you a job? ›

Many professionals in digital marketing say that the only way to truly get ahead in the field is by experience beyond what is learned in the classroom. Therefore, a certificate can be a great gateway to the marketing profession, offering some key skills that you can advance with entry level digital marketing jobs.

Which language is best for digital marketing? ›

The article lists some digital marketing programming languages to learn in 2023
  • Python. Python is at the top of the list of digital marketing programming languages for 2023. ...
  • HTML. HTML is free! ...
  • Structured Query Language (SQL) ...
  • Java. ...
  • JavaScript. ...
  • PHP. ...
  • Ruby. ...
  • C.
Dec 22, 2022

Do I need to learn Python for digital marketing? ›

Python improves digital marketing automation and operations. With its features and ability to process data, Python allows businesses to scale. This makes it an excellent tool for professionals today who look to gain a competitive edge in terms of industry skills.

Is Python good for digital marketing? ›

Conclusion. Python and digital marketing are both great career options. Python is a programming language that can be used for web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications.

What are the 7 C's of digital marketing? ›

In contrast to other marketing models, the 7 Cs Compass Model considers both the marketing strategies as well as the segment to which the strategies are being targeted. The seven Cs are Corporation, Commodity, Cost, Communication, Channel, Consumer and Circumstances.

What are the 4 C's of digital marketing? ›

The 4 C's of Marketing are Customer, Cost, Convenience, and Communication. These 4 C's determine whether a company is likely to succeed or fail in the long run. The customer is the heart of any marketing strategy. If the customer doesn't buy your product or service, you're unlikely to turn a profit.

What personality type is digital marketing? ›

Digital marketing specialists are investigative and artistic

Digital marketing specialists tend to be predominantly investigative individuals, which means that they are quite inquisitive and curious people that often like to spend time alone with their thoughts.

Can a non creative person do digital marketing? ›

As we've seen, digital marketing doesn't require just one set of skills—almost anyone can find a way into this exciting, creative, diverse, and growing field.

Can you be shy and do marketing? ›

You can put your shy nature to work for you to make more contacts and land better clients. Seriously, you can do this. If you're an introvert like me, or you just want to get better at marketing, you can. When I learned how to handle marketing as an introvert, my business started to change.

Why should I hire you for digital marketing? ›

I am confident I possess the right soft and hard skills - communication and marketing, respectively - to help you grow your business and get your company to stand out from the competition. I helped my previous company increase its social media engagement by 24% by implementing a new content strategy.

How much time required to learn digital marketing? ›

It takes most people one to three months to learn the different digital marketing tools and techniques, and it takes six months to a year to perfect those skills through practice.

How many years does it take to learn digital marketing? ›

The basic course starts with a 3 months long program. The advanced courses can be for 6 months duration. Some courses are designed for individuals who want to become digital marketing specialists. The digital marketing course duration for such courses is 8-12 months.

What hard skills do digital marketers need? ›

What are hard skills in digital marketing?
  • Writing. Every piece of content on the web and on digital applications begins with the written word. ...
  • Copywriting. ...
  • Marketing analytics and data analysis. ...
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) ...
  • Organic social media skills. ...
  • Empathize. ...
  • Define the problem. ...
  • Ideate.

Is digital marketing a hard career? ›

Digital marketing is not necessarily hard to learn, but it does take time, effort, and persistence. If you're unfamiliar with search engines, data analytics, or content management, you can expect to feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning, especially if you are trying to learn digital marketing on your own.

Is it hard to get a job in digital marketing? ›

Getting hired in Digital Marketing should be easy. There are more open job postings than qualified candidates. With more demand for skills than supply, the market is ripe for anyone looking to get a job as a digital marketer.

How to start career in digital marketing with no experience? ›

Start by creating a professional online presence through social media like LinkedIn or Twitter, or create your own website with engaging content. Then begin populating it with value-adding blog posts, digital marketing case studies, and other content that will showcase your skills and highlight your industry knowledge.

How do I sell myself as a digital marketer? ›

7 Ways to Become the Best Digital Marketer
  1. Attend Networking Events. ...
  2. Learn from Digital Marketing Brands and Entrepreneurs. ...
  3. Connect with Like-Minded Individuals and Peers. ...
  4. Find a Digital Marketing Internship. ...
  5. Become a Member of a Professional Body. ...
  6. Stay Up to Date on the State of Digital Marketing. ...
  7. Never Stop Learning.
Nov 1, 2021

Does digital marketing require coding? ›

Conclusion: While coding skills can certainly be beneficial for students pursuing a career in digital marketing, it is not necessarily a requirement. There are many aspects of digital marketing that do not require any coding knowledge, such as social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

Which skill is most demand for digital marketing? ›

The Most In-Demand Skills for Marketing Professionals in 2023
  • Social media skills. By now, just about everyone knows how to navigate the basic social media landscape. ...
  • Management skills. ...
  • Digital marketing skills. ...
  • Communication skills. ...
  • Strategy skills, and 6. ...
  • Leadership skills. ...
  • Project management skills. ...
  • Advertising skills.
Feb 15, 2023

Can I be millionaire in digital marketing? ›

Investment is also a factor that most digital marketers never consider. Earning a million dollars on a few jobs does not make you a millionaire. Any strategic marketer will consider investing some of their earnings. The fact is, most digital marketers do not have jobs lined up all the time.


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