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5 Resume Objectives That Will Land You an Interview

Your resume objective is like the sneak peek movie trailer of your career. Here's how to write the perfect resume objective.

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How do you summarize your career, your qualifications, your talents, your work experience, and your accomplishments in a few precise words?

One item that is often overlooked by job applicants but can actually make a big impact is a resume objective.

What Is a Resume Objective?

According to Career Expert Michael Tomaszewski, a resume objective explains your career goals, illustrates why you are applying for the job, and is included at the top of your resume.

This small but mighty blurb is where you can highlightyour career goals and share how you plan to positively impact the company.

WhyJob Seekers Need a Resume Objective

There are different schools of thought on whether or not job applicants should include a resume objective statement. However, you can consider it yet another opportunity to state your career goals and why you’re the perfect fit for the job.

Since the resume objective is often the first thing an employer sees about you, make it punchy to make a lasting impression.

What’s the Difference Between a Resume Objective and a Career Summary?

Long story short, a resume objective looks to the future, whilea career summary highlights past achievements.

However, whichever one you choose to include, they should both be tailored to the role you are applying for, referencing keywords in the job posting.Here are some resume objective examples.

Resume Objective Sample:

Ambitious communications professional with experience developing and directing strategic communications initiatives in ever-changing, dynamic environments. Seeking a position at XYZ company to help implement strategic campaigns that increase brand awareness.

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Career Summary Sample:

Ambitious communications professional with experience developing and directing strategic public relations and communications initiatives in ever-changing, dynamic environments. Exceptional knowledge of aligning business needs with communication and content strategy efforts. An effective collaborator and thought leader with an ability to create expert communications plans alongside business leaders, company executives, and other clients.

How to Write a Resume Objective

A resume objective should not be a one-size-fits-all blurb, so avoid making it too general. It’s important to tailor your objective to the job you’re applying for and include specific keywords from the job title and job description.

Typically, objectives are one to two sentences long (no more than three!), so brevity is key.

According to the resume experts at Zety, it’s helpful to write your objective last, after you fleshed out the rest of your resume. This way, you can pick out top skills that are consistent throughout your experience.

Pro Tip: While you’re writing out your resume, don’t forget to includepowerful action verbs to make your resume stand out even more!

How to Write a Resume Objective When You Have “No” Experience

If you don’t have the exact experience shared in the job posting, don’t worry–you probably haveother relevant experience you can share in your entry-level resume!

Consider activities you participated in throughout college, leadership roles you held in clubs, and skills learned during internships or apprenticeships.


Highly motivated recent graduate with a degree in Marketing, seeking a digital content specialist position at XYZ company to help increase digital platform presence and engagement.

Strong background in SEO, writing and graphic design, and eager to learn from and contribute to the success of your company.

How to Write a Resume Objective When Changing Industries

If you'rechanging industries but the job function is the same, make sure to focus on your transferable skills.

While there may be a steep learning curve to understand the ins and outs of a new industry, your core skills will very much remain the same.


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Results-driven technology sales representative, seeking to use pipeline building and negotiation skills to increase revenue at XYZ healthcare company. Drove $2 million in sales revenue during FY20 and eager to increase the bottomline at XYZ company.

How to Write a Resume Objective When Changing Job Function (Making a Career Change)

When taking the leap into an entirely new job function, it’s even more important to highlight relevant experience that will transfer into this new role.

Also, consider adding that you are willing to start with an entry-level position in order to gain the necessary skills needed to succeed in this new job function and career path.


Experienced multimedia journalist interested in using my extensive media and writing skills to drive PR coverage for clients at XYZ agency. I am interested in growing my skill set in an entry-level position while contributing to your agency’s continued success.

How to Write a Resume Objective When Moving Into Management

Picture this: you are excelling in your current role and found that you’re passionate about mentoring and leadership.

It’s time to move into a managerial role! When writing an effective resume objective for a management position, focus on how your current experience prepared you to lead others.And, of course, use the resume keywords so you're connecting the dots between the skills the job requires and you being a leader.


Transformative business professional seeking a position at XYZ company where I can contribute my leadership and managerial skills. With proven leadership experience in software development, I’m passionate about simplifying processes and tapping into underutilized talent, and I hope to contribute my skill set to the continued success of your company.

How to Write a Resume Objective If You Have a Career Gap

Don’t sweat it if you havea career gap on your resume.

If you do have a career gap, just make sure to focus on the years of experience you do have. If you would like to explain the gap more in depth, consider sharing more information in your cover letter or with bullet points further down in your resume.Your prospective employer will appreciate not trying to guess what your life story is.


Creative advertising professional with 15 years’ experience seeking a position at XYZ agency. Eager to use proven strategies that increase brand awareness and drive customer engagement to increase revenue.

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Examples of Career Goalsto Highlight in Your Resume Objective

Not sure exactly what your career goals are?

No worries! Download ourGoals Study Guide to help spark some ideas. In the meantime, here are some tangible professional goals for different industries to consider including in your resume objective.

Marketing & Communications

  • To secure employment as a digital marketing and communications leader at a dynamic, fast-paced organization.
  • To obtain a communications role that will directly influence brand awareness and drive revenue.

Human Resources

  • To obtain a human resources role that helps an organization achieve its goals through top talent acquisition and retention.
  • To secure a human resources role that helps drive employee engagement and talent retention.


  • To ensure safety in all building projects at a reputable company.
  • To obtain a challenging role that designs and supports systems and processes that reduces pollution.


  • To bring awareness of trending technologies to XYZ company.
  • To secure a position that helps secure private information through data encryption.

Project Management

  • To spearhead processes that improve productivity and efficiency.
  • To gain a strategic understanding of a company’s goals and implement new initiatives to support them.

How to Include a Resume Objective or Career Summary On Your Resume

Most peoplelay out their resume experience in reverse chronological order—and hiring managers are used to reading them that way. This means your most recent work experience is at the top and you work your way down.

Your resume objective or career summary will be above yourexperience section and below your name. Here's an example of what this might look like at the top of your resume:

Email Address | Phone Number | LinkedIn Profile

Creative advertising professional with 15 years’ experience seeking a position at XYZ agency. Eager to use proven strategies that increase brand awareness and drive customer engagement to increase revenue.

Job title | Company
Dallas, Texas, January 2018- June 2020

- Bullet point 1
- Bullet point 1
- Bullet point 1

Don't forget to tailor your entire resume—including your objective and bullet points—to the keywords used in the job description. And to keep things concise, keep your resume to one page (when you can!) and use yourLinkedIn profile as a way to show all of your work history.

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