4 Best Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Houston! (2023) - We Love Doodles (2023)

4 Best Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Houston! (2023) - We Love Doodles (1)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for low-cost pet vaccinations in Houston. You do not have to wait until an emergency, or your dog falls ill before giving them the appropriate vaccination. Your puppy should be on scheduled vaccinations to protect against rabies and other common health issues affecting dogs.

The most important vaccines your dog should take on a schedule are:

  • Distemper vaccine
  • Canine parvovirus
  • Rabies
  • Canine hepatitis

These vaccines are considered vital to all dogs based on the severity of disease, risk of exposure, or transmissibility to humans. Depending on your puppy’s exposure risk, your vet might also administer non-core vaccines. Many pet parents know the importance of keeping their dogs up-to-date on vaccines but are skeptical about doing so because of the cost.

Fortunately, you can get low-cost vaccinations in Houston and protect your puppy from deadly diseases. We have compiled a list of places to vaccinate your dog in Houston without breaking the bank. These vets examine dogs and check their medical history to determine their appropriate vaccines. Read on to see our selection of the best places to get low-cost vaccination for your pet in Houston.

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Find a Low-Cost Pet Vaccination Service Near Me in Houston

4 Best Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Houston! (2023) - We Love Doodles (2)

Our team at We Love Doodles compiled this list of low-cost pet vaccinations in Houston for you to check out.

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1. PetCare Express

4 Best Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Houston! (2023) - We Love Doodles (3)

PetCare Express is one of the few trusted clinics you can visit when your pet needs medical attention or a checkup. They are fully committed to helping dogs and cats with various health conditions and vaccination needs. You can rely on this pet clinic for the best affordable vaccines for your puppy. They offer all the core vaccines for dogs, including Parvo, Distemper, Lepto, Rabies, and Bordetella.

PetCare Express knows the importance of vaccines for dogs and has decided to make them easily affordable and accessible to all pet owners in Houston. In addition to providing low-cost vaccinations, PetCare Express offers a wide variety of affordable services. They are an affordable alternative to maintaining your dog’s health without sacrificing the quality of care.

One of the special pet services they render is Health & Wellness. Whether you are bringing your puppy for a regular checkup or treatment of an injury or illness, PetCare has knowledgeable and friendly staff to cater to your dog’s unique needs. They will attend to your puppy’s health needs without the battery of unnecessary and expensive tests.

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PetCare also has an online store to make things easier for pet parents. You can order tick, flea, and heartworm preventatives for your pet’s prescriptions. The vaccines are even more affordable when you purchase them in packs. Hence, you will spend less when you opt for multiple vaccines than when you buy them individually.

PetCare has two convenient locations in the Houston area. They have one at 43rd Street and the other at W Holcombe Blvd. Dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages are welcome in this facility. They have a friendly approach to administering vaccines and conducting health exams. They know how to keep dogs calm and relaxed throughout the process.

PetCare Express Details

  • Address: 2501 W Holcombe Blvd, Suite D Houston, Texas 77030
  • Website: PetCare Express
  • Phone: (713) 592-9977
  • Email: [emailprotected]

2. Houston Humane Society

4 Best Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Houston! (2023) - We Love Doodles (4)

The Houston Humane Society has professional and highly experienced vets to administer various medical services to your puppy. From microchipping to vaccinations to surgery, Houston Humane Society has the right people for the job. They offer professional services at very affordable rates.

Houston Humane Society is committed to making pet healthcare affordable for pet owners. Vaccinations are crucially important to your pet’s physical well-being throughout their life, and this clinic offers low-cost vaccines to help give your puppies the protection they need.

They will give your dog vaccines to strengthen its immune system and protect them against bacteria and viruses. If your pet is sick or has health concerns, you can turn to this clinic for a thorough diagnosis and practical exams that will not drain your wallet.

They offer various vaccine packages, including:

  • Beginners: These vaccines are given to puppies at 6 to 12 weeks old. They include Adenovirus 2, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Canine Coronavirus, and Deworm.
  • The Basics: This category includes vaccines given to puppies 12 weeks and older. They include all the vaccines in the first category, including rabies.
  • The Basics Plus: It is for dogs six months and older. It includes all the vaccines in the above category, including a heartworm test.

They will conduct thorough health exams and check medical records before recommending the right vaccines for your dog. Another thing we love about this clinic is that there are no hidden charges. You can visit their website for a transparent price list.

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They also offer low-cost spay and neuter services. The clinic is open from Monday to Friday (11 AM to 6 PM) and Saturday to Sunday (11 AM to 5:30 PM). You walk in at operating hours to vaccinate your pet. But examinations are by appointment only.

Houston Humane Society Details

  • Address: 14700 Almeda Road, Houston, Texas 77053
  • Website: Houston Humane Society
  • Phone: (713) 433-6421
  • Email: [emailprotected]

3. Affordable Pet Clinic

4 Best Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Houston! (2023) - We Love Doodles (5)

One vital thing to consider when looking for the right vet to administer your puppy’s vaccines is experience. It would help if you did not settle for the first low-cost vaccination that comes your way because you want to save some money. Ensure the vet or clinic is highly experienced and knowledgeable about the entire process.

Affordable Pet Clinic is one of the few experienced animal clinics in Houston. The clinic opened in 2005, realizing Dr. Reddy Cheemerla’s dream of providing comprehensive surgical and medical care for pets at affordable rates.

The clinic can handle most cases like:

  • Diagnostics
  • Treatments
  • Surgical procedures

They offer low-cost vaccines for various sizes and breeds of dogs. Did you buy a puppy from a breeder and are looking for a licensed vet to run a health check to confirm their health? You can rely on Dr. Reddy Cheemerla. He has been a vet for almost two decades and is well-experienced in caring for pets.

Affordable Pet Clinic has three locations, two in Houston and one in Katy. The clinic witnesses hundreds of returning clients because of its affordability and quality of service. They know how to treat and care for pets and their owners.

Thanks to their effective booking and scheduling system, you do not have to wait for days to see the vet here. They also have an online store, doing shopping for pet supplies and prescriptions easy. The store is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can pay with your credit card; it is safe and secure.

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Affordable Pet Clinic Details

4. North Line Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic

4 Best Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Houston! (2023) - We Love Doodles (6)

North Line Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic is another great place to get affordable vaccines for your dog. They offer various vaccinations for puppies, adults, and seniors. They serve the entire Houston and other neighboring cities. Professional and highly experienced vets run the vet clinic and animal hospital.

They are committed to educating pet parents on how to keep their puppies healthy all year round, with regular exercise and good nutrition. North Line Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic uses the latest veterinarian technology to provide the best quality services for their pets. They know the importance of treating every pet with loving care, so they use only pet-friendly approaches in their checkup and surgical procedures.

Besides offering low-cost vaccines, they ensure the clinic is kid-friendly, comfortable, and calm so your puppy can relax in the waiting room while looking forward to meeting the vet. They also have many resources on their website to teach you about pet care. You can learn from the series of videos and articles on the site.

North Line Clinic also has a convenient online store. You can purchase your dog’s treats, prescriptions, medication, and other supplies at the store and deliver them to your doorstep. The clinic is open from Monday to Friday (8 AM to 5:30 PM) and Saturdays (8 AM to 1 PM).

North Line Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic Details

Conclusion For The “Best Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Houston”

4 Best Low-Cost Pet Vaccinations in Houston! (2023) - We Love Doodles (7)

Pet vaccines are essential for your dog’s overall health and well-being. These vaccines expose your puppy’s immune system to lower versions of specific bacteria or viruses to encourage the development of specific antibodies that protect against the illness. Vaccines save millions of pets yearly from death and other severe health conditions. Hence, your pet should always be up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccines.

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